Tomorrow is Today – Net Culture at ilb

What utopias were thought up in the past in connection to the digital future? And how do we see them today – after the loss of the internet utopia following the NSA scandal last year? Are there parallels as to how the digital future of the past and present manifests itself in our thinking? What is its purpose? What premises, worldviews, definitions, and theoretical approaches – from retrofuturism to science fiction and cyberpunk – are behind it? And what role do artists and artistic approaches play in it?

13 August & 14 September 2014
Tomorrow is Today – Net Culture at ilb

13 AUG

Literary Gameathon in Cologne

Workshop, Bastei Lübbe Academy, Raum 202, Schanzenstr. 6–20, Cologne, with Mario Giordano (author, lecturer for interactive narratives), Grit Schuster (interaction designer, programmer)

01. JAN

On Yesterday’s Today And Today’s Tomorrow

Discussion, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, with Peter Glaser (author/blogger), Christian Kobald (curator, journalist Spike Art Magazine), Anja Kümmel (author of Träume Digitaler Schläfer, among others), Christine Watty (presenter)

14 AUG

Welcome to our level

Presentation, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Garden stage, with Grit Schuster (interaction designer, programmer), Milena Adam (presenter, project coordinator ilb)