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Net Culture

Nikola Richter, curator & web concept
As a freelance journalist, Nikola Richter develops web concepts, as well as giving a seminar on blog theory and practice for literature and media at the FU Berlin on the Applied Literature study programme. From 2009 to 2013 she managed the Theatertreffen blog at the Berliner Festspiele. In 2013 she founded mikrotext, a digital publishing company. She lives in Berlin.

Nadin Deventer, organisation manager
Nadin Deventer has worked over the past eight years in several different areas as a freelancer including as a dramaturge for the Festival van Vlaanderen in Brussels, a production manager at the Ruhrtriennale and a festival director of the 12-day festival n.a.t.u.r. in the Ruhr area of Germany. Since December 2013 she has been the organisation manager of Sonderprojekte at the Berliner Festspiele.

Viktor Nübel, design & website programming 
Viktor Nübel is a freelance graphic designer from Berlin. Among other projects, he designs typefaces. The focus of his work for some years now has been in the area of web design, web conception and development.


Net Culture conference

Victor Kümel, assistance
Victor Kümel is studying Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice at the University of Hildesheim and is writing his degree dissertation on “Poetics of Digital Authorship”. He was the co-editor of the literary magazine BELLA triste and event organiser of the literature festival PROSANOVA 2011 as well as the Literatur Futur conference in Hildesheim.

Gitti Scherer, scenery/props
Gitti Scherer works as a scenographer, set designer and exhibition designer for theatres, museums and agencies. She co-initiated nap, a network of designers, curators and concept-makers who explore interdisciplinary formats and paths in ‘the exhibition’ as a medium of communication. She lives between Stuttgart and Berlin.

Andrea Nienhaus, designer of the digital programme booklet
Andrea Nienhaus works as a freelance designer in the field of communication design for various clients in the non-profit and cultural sector. She is currently teaching Design Management in the Business Communication study programme at the HTW Berlin.


Berliner Festspiele

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Nadin Deventer / Agata Lorkowska (Netzkultur 30 November 2013)
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