upper foyer

Data consultation

These days, an individual is a bundle of data that leaves traces behind in the internet – not always of his or her own free will. Anne Roth, blogger, consultant and expert for data security, will give advice to attendees on individual questions and help to install security programmes. It therefore makes sense to bring […]


Liquid Feedback is an open-source software for public opinion-forming and decision-making. It creates fluid boundaries between direct and representative democratic participation, making even complex decision processes easy to structure and carry out between members given equal rights. Developer Axel Kistner and board member Andreas Nitsche from Interactive Democracy e.V. will talk about the significance of […]


The Game Station, supervised by Prof. Martin Geisler (from Spawnpoint, Media Education Institute for Computer Games,) and students from the University of Jena (Media Education) bring together experienced gamers and curious visitors. A racing and a shooter game give you a playful glimpse – in the truest sense of the word – into the world […]