Ego Updates: The internet and the asymmetry in us and outside of us

On the internet, people are finally themselves. But the web’s new openness and transparency only shows the surface while the important mechanisms of our lives are becoming less visible and manoeuvrable for many. Individuality and tenacity are falling by the wayside. Are our egos becoming an application of techno-modernisation? Or a commodity? If invisible changes […]

New digital identity trends

Digital identities are collections of data, and traces of a person or an organisation on the internet. And just as there are analogue global trends that succumb to people’s egos (or not), certain announcements are made in the digital world too – but many forecasts fail. With this in mind, we attempt to answer the […]

Selfie publishing. Filter identities, self-emoticons, non-sense

“Every man for himselfie .” Culture critics regard selfies as the death rattle of a declining Western world. Others consider them as the most accessible and effective current means of performative self-conviction. Depending on your perspective, selfies are the next big thing in art – or they make the term art obsolete. Christiane Frohmann talks […]

Internet & identity in the context of the history & future of life on earth

Tao Lin is one of the most popular authors associated to alt lit (alternative literature), a social media based creative community, which empathizes popular and internet culture and experiments with the possibilities the web offers for the creation and publication of literature. Tao Lin is the author of the novels “Taipei” (2013), “Richard Yates” (2010), […]

Objection! Friendship between avant-gardists and nerds

Are nerds, hackers and computer specialists the true avant-garde of the 21st century? After all, they are the spearheads of global movements like Anonymous and WikiLeaks, they have access to information that the average citizen does not and they actively shape our understanding of public and digital society. For two years, theatre director Angela Richter […]

Ebooks, apps and messages on cardboard: how systems get hacked

The internet is not a medium, it is a network machine”, as US online journalist Jeff Jarvis once said. And in the meantime, it has become a productive non-place where artistic work is organised, planned, carried out and distributed. People who cannot work at the same time or in the same place can still work […]

Concert Koenigleopold

Koenigleopold are playing their first-ever concert in Germany with their current debut album “eure armut kotzt mich an” (you poverty makes me wanna throw up) under the auspices of the Netzkultur conference. Austrians Lukas König (drums, synthesizer) and Leo Riegler (electronics, turntables, vocals, clarinet), supported by Karolina Preuschl (rap, visuals), mix a furious blend of […]

Hashtag: #nk1314

Maike Hank twitters under @ruhepuls and follows the events under the Net Culture hashtag #nk1314. As a Twitter envoy, she reads selected tweets, summarizes trends and plays the online debates back into the live discussion. Maike Hank is a journalist and has written online texts since 2002, which are now being published in book form […]