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The man who am: Basic English performance

“Basic English” is a performative lecture in which Momus tells a story of frustration, jealousy and revenge using the basic (and completely inadequate) language endorsed by Australian educator Fred Schonell. As well as being very funny, the performance raises questions about how social power is expressed in linguistic framings, and how we might escape that. […]


Momus (named after the Greek god of mockery) is one of underground music’s most controversial and influential provocateurs. For nearly thirty years he’s been releasing witty, literate avant-pop records on independent labels in the UK, the US, and Japan, experimenting with styles from chanson to “vaudeville concrete”. His main topics are masks, sex, Japan, estrangement, […]

Red Rack‘em (Wolf Music/Sonar Kollektiv)

An unpredictable ending to Net Culture is on with DJ Red Rack’em, who mixes genres of club music and defies any kind of classification. A “diverse” DJ, in his own words. Red Rack’em is the assumed name of Daniel Berman who also performs as Hot Coins. He moved to Berlin in 2011. His latest album […]