New digital identity trends

Digital identities are collections of data, and traces of a person or an organisation on the internet. And just as there are analogue global trends that succumb to people’s egos (or not), certain announcements are made in the digital world too – but many forecasts fail. With this in mind, we attempt to answer the […]

Schau mir in die Pixel, Baby”, (Look me in the pixels, baby) “Chatroulette Begegnungen” (Chat roulette encounters) and “Schlaf mit mir”(Sleep with me)

The young Berlin-based media artist Katalin Pöge approaches digitalism from a sociological point of view in her temporary exhibition in the Upper Foyer at the Berliner Festspiele. The installation “Schau mir in die Pixel, Baby” (with Jana Dörfelt) is an invitation to make your face unrecognisable through a highly pixellated mask. Where is the line […]

Ebooks, apps and messages on cardboard: how systems get hacked

The internet is not a medium, it is a network machine”, as US online journalist Jeff Jarvis once said. And in the meantime, it has become a productive non-place where artistic work is organised, planned, carried out and distributed. People who cannot work at the same time or in the same place can still work […]