Skype talk with the Afghanistan graffiti artist Shamsia Hassani

Date 18. Januar 2014
Start 19:00 Uhr
End 19:30 Uhr
Event Skype talk
Place Gallery
With Shamsia Hassani and Rabea Edel (Moderation)

“In Kabul, graffiti is not illegal”, says Shamsia Hassani, but it not very widespread, yet. For a couple of years now the young artist has been spreading the word about her art, at home and abroad. International audiences connect with her via Facebook and she teaches what she knows to students in Kabul. She will talk via Skype about the web’s potential of empowering artists everywhere.

Moderation: Rabea Edel

Shamsia Hassani Graffiti
© Shamsia Hassani
Shamsia Hassani Graffiti 2
© Shamsia Hassani










Shamsia Hassani
© Shamsia Hassani

Ommolbanin Shamsia Hassani, born in Iran in 1988, is an Afghan graffiti artist, and teacher at Faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University. She was selected as one of Top 10 for the 2nd Afghan Contemporary Art Prize in 2009, and since then has been part of solo and group exhibitions inside and outside of Afghanistan (e.g. Germany, Australia, Iran, India, Vietnam, Switzerland and Denmark ). Teaching at fine art faculty of Kabul University, Hassani is also one of the founders of Berang Arts Organization. As an Afghan girl confronting reactions motivated from traditional views, it is not always easy for Hassani to do graffiti the way other graffiti artists would do around the world. She would sometimes work her graffiti concepts out as drawings/paintings applied onto prints of pictures taken from different parts of Kabul: a category she calls “Dream of Graffiti.” In her graffiti, Hassani often paints women in Burqas, and fish, symbols of the atmosphere flowing around her and her own life experiences. She uses her art to help bring positive changes to people and more specifically to wash away the depressing memories of long-time war having taken place in her country.


© Kirsten Becken
© Kirsten Becken

Rabea Edel, born in 1982, regularly presents and curates readings and cultural events for publishers, cultural institutions and festivals. Since 2013, Rabea Edel has also been the chief editor of the “REVUE – Magazine for the Next Society”. She works in cross-disciplinary projects with musicians and visual artists, and is the author of two novels. She lives and works as a freelance journalist and presenter in Berlin.