Selfie publishing. Filter identities, self-emoticons, non-sense

Date 22. Februar 2014
Start 19:00 Uhr
End 19:30 Uhr
Event Lecture and talk
Place Side stage
With Christiane Frohmann (publisher, salon hostess, author) and Rabea Edel (moderation)

“Every man for himselfie .” Culture critics regard selfies as the death rattle of a declining Western world. Others consider them as the most accessible and effective current means of performative self-conviction. Depending on your perspective, selfies are the next big thing in art – or they make the term art obsolete. Christiane Frohmann talks about the selfie as a daily filter of changing identities, about self-emoticons displacing symbolic pictures  and about how in times of surveillance angst, you can get up to mischievous nonsense with them.

Presenter: Rabea Edel

Catselfie, © Christiane Frohmann
Catselfie, © Christiane Frohmann

Christiane Frohmann is a cultural project manager, runs the Katersalon at the Volksbühne Berlin, is a publisher (Frohmann Verlag), a radio journalist (“Generator” und “Ladyland” produced by Haus der Kulturen der Welt) and an author.
Twitter: @FrohmannVerlag





© Kirsten Becken
© Kirsten Becken

Rabea Edel, born in 1982, regularly presents and curates readings and cultural events for publishers, cultural institutions and festivals. Since 2013, Rabea Edel has also been the chief editor of the “REVUE – Magazine for the Next Society”. She works in cross-disciplinary projects with musicians and visual artists, and is the author of two novels. She lives and works as a freelance journalist and presenter in Berlin.