Date 30. November 2013
Start 14:00 Uhr
End 16:00 Uhr
Event Workshop
Place Kassenhalle
With Ella and Florian Zwietnig (UMA)

What is a remix? Ella and Florian Zwietnig, the members of the band UMA (formerly Jools Hunter and Mediengruppe Telekommander) explain the basics of Audacity, a free software package. They will bring a song with them, broken down into parts, which they will reconstruct with the participants during the workshop. In reverse, they will also deconstruct a “beat into individual parts.”

You will need: your own laptop (Windows or Mac); please install the Audacity programme in advance (PC-Version, Mac-Version). The maximum number of participants is ten. Please register for the workshop at the information counter.

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Ella und Florian Zwietnig
Ella and Florian Zwietnig live in Berlin. They met in 2008, got married, and in 2012 gave birth to UMA. Their first EP was released on Seayou Records (AT) and Enraptured Records (UK), which received enthusiastic reviews in Wire and other journals. They have just finished recording their first UMA studio album and have toured throughout Europe, including appearances at SONAR in 2013, the Field Day Festival 2012, Nuits Sonores and Elevate. UMA’s music could be described as “floating experimental electronic pop”, mixing deep rhythms, bass sounds and haunting, choir-like vocal chants. They recently gave a workshop on digital music technology at the Musiktechniktage (Music Technology Festival) in Berlin.