Photo Shop – silk screen station

Date 18. Januar 2014
Start Uhr
End Uhr
Event Interactive installation
Place Upper foyer
With Lukas Julius Keijser

The interactive installation “Photo Shop” by Lukas Julius Keijser is a meeting place: a hub for people, media and materials from analogue to digital and back again. Upload, download, print, copy and reflect: this is how a temporary aesthetic community is tentatively created– in digital space and as a unique work to take home.

© Lukas Julius Keijser
© Lukas Julius Keijser

Lukas Julius Keijser was born in Nijmegen in the Netherlands in 1973. He studied Dutch Language and Literature as well as art in Amsterdam. In 2006 he moved to Berlin and completed his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. Keijser’s artistic oeuvre encompasses performance, video, photography, drawing and printing. He is particularly interested in silk screen printing. In 2011 he set up a silk screen printing workshop in Berlin Friedrichshain, where he has since experimented with printing techniques. His works explore the interface between the private and the public sphere, the individual and society, and forms of subjectification such as identity and authenticity with regard to the media and its forms of communication. Keijser’s exhibitions and performances have been exhibited in Holland, China, Germany and Switzerland in galleries and museums, but also in bars, clubs, at festivals and on the street.