Objection! Technology is not a force of nature

Date 30. November 2013
Start 13:00 Uhr
End 13:30 Uhr
Event Lecture
Place Main Stage
With Juli Zeh

In July 2013, Juli Zeh initiated an open letter to Angela Merkel, co-signed by many well-known authors and thousands of citizens, in which she demanded adherence to the rule of law. Juli Zeh, an award-winning author and qualified lawyer, raised objections to both the glorification and the demonization of the internet. For her, the internet is “ a completely realistic utopia”, and she calls for self-empowerment.

Netzkultur Juli Zeh
© David Finck

Juli Zeh

Born in Bonn in 1974, Zeh holds a PhD in Law and has received many literary awards. She studied Law in Passau and Leipzig, and Literature at the Institute of German Literature in Leipzig, to which she later returned as a lecturer. Her work has been translated into 35 languages and she has been awarded the German Book Prize (2002), the Solothurn Literature Prize (2009) and the Thomas Mann Prize (2013). Juli Zeh is a frequent contributor to major newspapers and magazines: her essays on politics, society and literature are collected in the volume “Alles auf dem Rasen” (2006). Her latest publications were “Good Morning, Boys and Girls” (2013), a collection of stage plays, and “Treideln”, a series of poetry lectures.