The nightmare of participation – skype lecture and talk

Date 18. Januar 2014
Start 19:30 Uhr
End 20:00 Uhr
Event Skype lecture and talk
Place Gallery
With Markus Miessen and Rabea Edel (Moderation)

If everyone has a say, how can there be consensus? Participation is not a cure of all evils; it is a crux of our times. In his “Trilogy of Participation”, architect and author Markus Miessen demands us to be more willing to have conflicts in its place. Especially in the area of the culture industry.

Moderation: Rabea Edel

© Armin Linke
© Armin Linke

Markus Miessen, born in 1978, is an architect, author and consultant. His work revolves around questions of critical spatial practices, the content and spatial conception of institutions and spatial policy. He is currently a professor for Critical Spatial Practice at the Städelschule in Frankfurt/Main and is a guest professor at the USC in Los Angeles. In 2007, Miessen founded the nomadic platform Winter School Middle East that is located around the Persian Gulf. A recent publication of his in German was “Albtraum Partizipation” with Merve Verlag.

Twitter: @MarkusMiessen



© Kirsten Becken
© Kirsten Becken

Rabea Edel, born in 1982, regularly presents and curates readings and cultural events for publishers, cultural institutions and festivals. Since 2013, Rabea Edel has also been the chief editor of the “REVUE – Magazine for the Next Society”. She works in cross-disciplinary projects with musicians and visual artists, and is the author of two novels. She lives and works as a freelance journalist and presenter in Berlin.