New digital identity trends

Date 22. Februar 2014
Start 19:00 Uhr
End 19:50 Uhr
Event Discussion
Place Side stage
With Julia Müller (curator team Bublitz), Dena Yago (trend forecasting group K-Hole, New York) and Elena Gilbert (moderation)

Digital identities are collections of data, and traces of a person or an organisation on the internet. And just as there are analogue global trends that succumb to people’s egos (or not), certain announcements are made in the digital world too – but many forecasts fail. With this in mind, we attempt to answer the question: how does the future of digital identities look? Are they necessary or redundant? Is the collective Facebook exodus going to happen? Are real names soon going to be common practice? Or partial identities? Will the demand for the right to anonymity become louder? In a chaired discussion, current trends from an artistic point of view are presented by a young curator who, together with her curator colleagues at Bublitz, keeps an eye on the young German art scene and Berlin especially. She is joined by a representative from the New York trend forecasting group K-Hole, which was founded by artists.

Moderation: Elena Gilbert

© Julia Müller
© Julia Müller

Julia Müller, born in 1984 in Dachau, studied Art History, Psychology and Political Studies at the Freien Universität Berlin. Since 2009 she has organised several independent exhibitions and writing events. From 2009-2010 she did a one-year placement at the Temporären Kunsthalle Berlin. Since 2011 she has been a freelancer with the Daimler Art Collection. Since the end of March 2012, she has been a member of the curator collective Bublitz, and has carried out organisational and conceptual work within the framework of the 3rd edition of the exhibition series “Handlungsbereitschaft – Skizze einer Generation am Ende der Geschichte” (Prepared for Action – sketch of a generation at the end of the story) as well as “Handlungsbereitschaft | 4”.


K-Hole, New York

Dena Yago (born in 1988, USA) is an artist and writer that lives in New York. Along with four other artists and writers, she is a producer of K-HOLE, an annually released trend forecasting report. K-HOLE is a trend forecasting group founded in 2010 by Gregory Fong, Sean Monahan, Emily Segal, Chris Sherron and Dena Yago – a group of New York-based artists, designers, brand strategists and writers. Using the specific language of the marketing and advertising industry, K-HOLE addresses how brand and consumer experiences are constructed, and explores the plausible limits of corporate and consumer strategy.


© Elena Gilbert
© Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert, born 1988 in New York, is an American-German freelance artist, curator, and writer living in Berlin. She is managing editor at Bpigs (Berlin Independents Guide) since January 2014. From 2010-2013, she was the project manager at e-flux and worked on a number of projects such as time/bank at dOCUMENTA13, Kopfbau at ArtBasel10, and Agency for Unrealized Projects at daadgalerie. She was the deputy curator of the Maldives Exodus Caravan Show, the former Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, which is currently traveling. She has recently exhibited and curated shows in the United States, Europe, India, and South Korea related to new media, cybernetics, and information and data aesthetics. She is a co-organizer of OTHER Projects (Berlin).