House Techno Dub

Date 30. November 2013
Start 23:00 Uhr
End 00:00 Uhr
Event DJ
Place Main Stage
With Daniela La Luz (in cooperation with DE:BUG)

Daniela La Luz’ sets are clearly worked out rhythms containg elements that interchange with honest, pumping, deep and clear atmospheres that are raw yet sweet at the same time. She often uses her own voice too.
According to the principle of “daring is caring”, Daniela La Luz incorporates the most diverse types of music, genres and field recordings, always with the aim of leaving an emotion and a message with the audience. Simply because it’s fun to create surprises.

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Daniela La Luz

Daniela La Luz was born in Munich in 1980 and lives in Berlin. German-Polish in background, La Luz was a singer for many years in various indie, punk, hardcore and Sixties’ bands. She taught herself how to play all kinds of instruments but has been almost exclusively devoted to electronic music since 2007. She works as a producer, live act, and singer-songwriter, and has performed live all over Europe since 2009 (Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Macedonia, Poland, and so on). In 2009 she won a remix contest for COMA and in 2010, the Quartz 6 Electronic Music Award in Paris. Her latest releases are with the Frankfurt Label RAWAX, as is her first LP, the 2×12″ album “Based On Electricity” and its pre-release “Pistol Star”.

In her role as one half of PARALLEL, an international artist’s collective and agency for electronic music and graphics, she co-organises events and presents the PARALLEL RADIO SHOW – a crossover between electronic and non-electronic music with various guests.

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