Hashtag: #nk1314

Date 18. Januar 2014
Start Uhr
End Uhr
Event Netzpublikumsdebatte
Place Side stage
With Maike Hank

Maike Hank twitters under @ruhepuls and follows the events under the Net Culture hashtag #nk1314. As a Twitter envoy, she reads selected tweets, summarizes trends and plays the online debates back into the live discussion.

© Maike Hank
© Maike Hank

Maike Hank is a journalist and has written online texts since 2002, which are now being published in book form under the title “Blogs! – Text und Form im Internet” (Blogs! Text and form in the internet), one of the first German publications about the blogosphere. She is the author of the blog kleinerdrei, and her text “Normal ist das nicht!” (Normal is something else!) was partly responsible for the creation of the hashtag #aufschrei, which was used for tweets about sexism and later won the Grimme Online Award. For several years, she has worked for the weekly newspaper “Der Freitag” and been an advisor for several online projects. She can be found on Twitter at @ruhepuls, where her favourite time is 22:22.