Flarf, erasure, google translate: Poetry-writing with internet services

Date 22. Februar 2014
Start 19:00 Uhr
End 20:00 Uhr
Event Writing workshop
Place Bornemann bar
With Daniela Seel (author, publisher at kookbooks) and Tristan Marquardt (author)

Presentation of the results of the workshop on poetry-writing with internet services. With a poetic internet PowerPoint lecture.

The internet has significantly enriched the process of conceptual literature. It not only represents a rich pool of linguistic material; it also offers new tools to manage this. American poetry in particular has created several means that are only just beginning to find a foothold in German-speaking countries. In the workshop, some of them will be presented and collectively tried out. In flarf poetry, search terms are defined and collages are created from the results of search engines. Erasure refers to striking existing texts, whose leftovers generate new texts. In Google Translate, repeated back-and-forth translation of an existing text leads to an entirely new one. We will be using the internet as a source of literature and will be tapping it for its own literary capacities.

© Robert Nock
© Robert Nock

Daniela Seel, born in Frankfurt am Main in 1974, is a poet and publisher at kookbooks – Labor für Poesie als Lebensform in Berlin. She likes to initiate and organise interdisciplinary and performative literary projects often under the auspices of KOOK, as in the recent events “Bewegungsschreiber. Dichtung trifft Tanz” (Movement writers. Poetry meets dance) and “Sprechende Gänge. KOOKwalks durch Berlin” (Speaking passages. KOOKwalks through Berlin). Daniela Seel has worked with the illustrator Andreas Töpfer, the dancer David Bloom, the musician PLANNINGTOROCK and the poet Rick Reuther, among others. She sometimes runs writing workshops. In 2011 she published the poetry volume “ich kann diese stelle nicht wiederfinden” (I can’t find this place anymore) with kookbooks.

“[Ich habe mir ihren Körper dann einfach]” on lyrikline.org

© Katja Zimmermann
© Katja Zimmermann

Tristan Marquardt, born in 1987 in Göttingen, lives in Munich and Zurich. His debut volume “das amortisiert sich nicht” (that doesn’t pay off) was published in spring 2013 by kookbooks. He is a member of the Berlin poetry collective G13 (http://gdreizehn.com), which he also co-founded in 2009. Since 2011 he has written collective poetry with numerous other poets alongside his own work. Since 2012 he has organised the reading series “Meine drei lyrischen ichs” (My three poetic selves) in Munich. In 2013 he came first in the Feldkirch Poetry Award together with Tabea Xenia Magyar and won the jury’s special prize at the Microsoft Office 365 creative competition.

Tristan Marquardt auf poetenladen.de