„Bitcoin – The Documentary“ – screening and skype talk

Date 18. Januar 2014
Start 20:00 Uhr
End 21:00 Uhr
Event Screening and skype talk
Place Gallery
With Johannes Rösler und Rabea Edel (Moderation)

On 3 January 2009, at the height of the global financial crisis, Satoshi Nakamoto set up the Genesis Block, which formed the founding stone for a completely new kind of currency: the bitcoin. It is a virtual currency that was born out of the internet, for the internet. With the help of a quickly expanding network of voluntary developers, a decentralised, anonymous and deregulated payment system was created that was soon populated by hackers, cypherpunks and anarcho-capitalists, all of whom were following their quite different goals. For some, it was a democratic means of liberation from dependence on money; for others, it was hope of coining it in. The film “Bitcoin – The Documentary” is the first German feature film about the bitcoin phenomenon. It is a collection of interviews with remarkable representatives of an avant-garde movement that is scattered across the globe, shedding light on their backgrounds and motivations.

It was filmed by a group of students in the circle around Johannes Rösler (production, direction), who are funding the project entirely by crowdfunding in bitcoins. Before the official online premiere in spring 2014 when it will become freely available to the public, we will show exclusive scenes from the rough cut as well as talking to Johannes Rösler.

Moderation: Rabea Edel

© Johannes Rösler
© Johannes Rösler

Johannes Rösler studied Applied Media Studies at the Ilmenau University of Technology. After ‘A’ levels, he travelled through Australia for a year and worked as a tour manager of a travelling comedian, among other things. After this he completed a five-month internship at the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources in Costa Rica. Parallel to his Bachelor dissertation, he worked as a director and producer via crowd funding on the feature film “Bitcoin – The Documentary,” which will be released on the internet in spring 2014 under a Creative Commons licence.






© Kirsten Becken
© Kirsten Becken

Rabea Edel, born in 1982, regularly presents and curates readings and cultural events for publishers, cultural institutions and festivals. Since 2013, Rabea Edel has also been the chief editor of the “REVUE – Magazine for the Next Society”. She works in cross-disciplinary projects with musicians and visual artists, and is the author of two novels. She lives and works as a freelance journalist and presenter in Berlin.