Data consultation

Date 22. Februar 2014
Start Uhr
End Uhr
Event Workshop
Place Upper foyer (garden swing)
With Anne Roth (blogger, web activist)

These days, an individual is a bundle of data that leaves traces behind in the internet – not always of his or her own free will. Anne Roth, blogger, consultant and expert for data security, will give advice to attendees on individual questions and help to install security programmes. It therefore makes sense to bring your own computer. Please register for a 15-minute appointment at the information desk.

© Bernd Braegelmann
© Bernd Braegelmann

Anne Roth is a blogger, and a web and media activist who has been operating on the internet since the 1990s. She is a political scientist, a translator and has worked as a journalist online and offline. She is currently a researcher at the Tactical Technology Collective ( where she is working in the area of digital security, and manages the website “Me and My Shadow” ( Besides blogging for annalist, her own blogsite, ( ) she also occasionally blogs for

Twitter: @annalist
Twitter: @Anne_Roth (Englisch)