Culture and surveillance

Date 30. November 2013
Start 15:00 Uhr
End 16:00 Uhr
Event Workshop
Place Upper Foyer (Bornemann Bar)
With Michael Seemann

Michael Seemann is a cultural academic and internet theoretician, whose profile @mspro is followed by 17,000 people, and who has been grappling for years with the question of how and whether we are losing control over our online data. In a casual discussion with participants, he starts the debate from the beginning: How exactly has our notion of privacy changed over the decades? How are our ideas of culture affected by a world that is increasingly made up of, or reflected and captured in, data? What cultural modes of behaviour are developing due to the presence of surveillance technologies? And why are national borders being put back in place all over again on the internet?

© Ralf Stockmann


Michael Seemann Michael Seemann, born in 1977, studied Applied Cultural Studies in Lüneburg and lives in Berlin. Since 2005 he has run various online projects, and says of himself that the internet is his home. He founded and Twitter reading, has organised several events and runs the popular podcast At the beginning of 2010 he began the CTRL-Verlust blog, first with the FAZ, and since September 2013 on his own, in which he writes about the loss of data control on the internet. He usually blogs at and writes at irregular intervals for various magazines such as RollingStoneZEIT OnlineSPEXSPIEGEL Onlinec’t and DU Magazin. He holds lectures at universities and academic conferences on the subjects of “Loss of control” on the Internet, “Platform neutrality” and “Queryology“.