Date 30. November 2013
Start 14:00 Uhr
End 16:00 Uhr
Event Workshop
Place Upper Foyer
With Michael Schmidt and Christian

Since the NSA affair, a broad movement has emerged from an eccentric hotchpotch of specialists and nerds: a growing number of people are starting to gather at so-called cryptoparties, a place where they learn the tools of encrypted communication. Michael Schmidt and Christian offer an introduction into the relevance of cryptography by using the dramatic events surrounding whistle-blower Edward Snowden, Wikileaks boss Julian Assange and Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald. To follow up, the participants will have the opportunity to install PGP on their private computer, a software programme that makes emails NSA-proof through encryption. Other popular software such as Pidgin and Tor will also be presented.

You will need: your own laptop (Windows, Mac or Linux) – for which you need to be an administrator – and an email account. The maximum number of participants is ten. Please register for the workshop at the information counter.

© Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt, 46 years old, studied Information Systems and used to be an internet consultant and publisher; nowadays he is a freelance teacher. Since Edward Snowden’s revelations, he has dedicated himself even more fervently to internet activism and cryptology.

Christian, 36 years old, studied Computer Science and now works as a software developer in Berlin. He is exploring cryptography in his studies and is an active member of the cryptoparty movement.