Date 30. November 2013
Start 21:00 Uhr
End 23:00 Uhr
Event Concerts
Place Main Stage
With Anatopia (handmade high-tech pop) and Holger Hiller (electro-pioneer)

The German-Israeli duo Anatopia is personified on stage by the two characters of Klaus Plötzlich (Valentin von Lindenau) and Henrietta Morgenstern (Shani Leiderman), who, with their white make-up and costumes, look as if they’ve come straight out of a 21st-century Dadaist video. The group’s “handmade high-tech pop” on homemade drums lends an element of surprise and performance to digital music: people, after all, cannot be as precise as computers.
Holger Hiller, a pioneer in the field of German electro-music and lead singer of Palais Schaumburg, can look back on a long career in digital music and its equipment, and harks back to the beginnings of electronica.

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The duo Anatopia is made up of Henrietta Morgenstern and Klaus Plötzlich, who make “handmade high-tech pop”. They have been around since 2009, met in Amsterdam and live in Berlin. “Klaus, the running rhythm machine, operates his homemade drum with his feet while playing the electric guitar or synth with his hands. Henrietta also plays the synth along with the cymbals, and does vocals. Her songs are a reaction against high-tech everyday life, the iGeneration, the seductiveness of GPS gadgets or our outright erotic fascination for buttons and switches”.


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Holger Hiller
Holger Hiller (also a member of Palais Schaumburg) is one of the pioneers of electronic pop music in Germany. He was one of the first musicians to work exclusively with samples in Germany, sat behind the mixing desk of Mute Records in London for a long time, and has screeched out his lyrics since 2012 on stage with the reunited Palais Schaumburg. He is a lucid pop-technical-story-thinker and eyewitness of an era. And a doer. Holger Hiller (MS20/laptop/vocals) will be accompanied by Anna Schnabel (keyboard/laptop) and Ken Kobayashi (drums) for the Netzkultur concert.