Date 18. Januar 2014
Start Uhr
End Uhr
Event Gamestation
Place Upper Foyer
With Martin Geisler

The Game Station, supervised by Prof. Martin Geisler (from Spawnpoint, Media Education Institute for Computer Games,) and students from the University of Jena (Media Education) bring together experienced gamers and curious visitors. A racing and a shooter game give you a playful glimpse – in the truest sense of the word – into the world of gaming communities.

© Martin Geisler
© Martin Geisler

Prof. Martin Geisler is a graduate of the Walter Gropius School for Art and Design and studied Social Pedagogy at the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. After completing his doctorate degree with the thesis title “Mythos Clans – Dimensionen und Strukturen von Computerspielgemeinschaften” (Clan Myths – Dimensions and Structures of Computer Game Communities), he became a lecturer and teacher for Media Education and an eLearning employee at the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. Since 2007 he has run Spawnpoint, a media education institute for computer games. Since October 2011 he has been Professor of Media and Cultural Education at the FH Jena in the Department of Social Sciences.
Twitter: @paspertou22