Identity sucks …

Digital identity has become a playground where alternative selves are created. But are these identities just data complexes – or virtual, even artificial, alter egos? What role do gender identities play on the internet? How has the notion of the private sphere changed? How can I protect my profile – or create a whole new one? Does identity suck? And how can poetry be written using internet services? The third edition of Netzkultur is dedicated to this multi-faceted theme, featuring lectures and discussion, actions and music.

22 February 2014
Identity sucks …


Ego Updates: The internet and the asymmetry in us and outside of us

Lecture, Side stage, with Miriam Meckel (media scientist, University of St. Gallen) and Chris Köver (moderation)


Slacktivism: The ambivalent relation between digital and social reality

Lecture and talk (in English), Gallery, with Soheil Asefi and Rabea Edel (moderation)


Pseudonym 3.0: A guide to a striking screen name

Lecture and talk, Gallery, with Granaton (artist/blogger, Berlin) and Rabea Edel (moderation)


New digital identity trends

Discussion, Side stage, with Julia Müller (curator team Bublitz), Dena Yago (trend forecasting group K-Hole, New York) and Elena Gilbert (moderation)


Selfie publishing. Filter identities, self-emoticons, non-sense

Lecture and talk, Side stage, with Christiane Frohmann (publisher, salon hostess, author) and Rabea Edel (moderation)


Flarf, erasure, google translate: Poetry-writing with internet services

Writing workshop, Bornemann bar, with Daniela Seel (author, publisher at kookbooks) and Tristan Marquardt (author)


What’s mine is yours: New copyright laws in digital culture production

Lecture and talk , Side stage, with Marcel Weiß and Rabea Edel (moderation)


Internet & identity in the context of the history & future of life on earth

Lecture and talk (in English), Side stage, with Tao Lin (author), Nikola Richter (moderation)


My digital video diary: Jonas Mekas in conversation

Skype talk (in English), Gallery, with Jonas Mekas (film artist) and Reabe Edel (moderation)


The man who am: Basic English performance

Lecture performance, Bornemann Bar, with Momus (musician, Japan)


Emancipation in cyberspace: Hybridity and identity mixing

Lecture and talk, Side stage, with Dr. Reyhan Şahin (linguist, conceptual artist, rapper, Bremen) and Chris Köver (moderation)


Flarf, erasure, google translate: Workshop readings and Powerpoint show

Writing workshop, Bornemann bar, with Daniela Seel (author, publisher at kookbooks) and Tristan Marquardt (author)



Concert, Bornemann Bar, with Momus (musician, Japan)


Red Rack‘em (Wolf Music/Sonar Kollektiv)

Freestyle, Bornemann bar, with Red Rack’em (DJ, Scotland/Berlin)

Data consultation

Workshop, Upper foyer (garden swing), with Anne Roth (blogger, web activist)

Beeing John Makovich: How to become someone else

Workshop, Upper foyer, with Mey Lean Kronemann (artist)

Schau mir in die Pixel, Baby”, (Look me in the pixels, baby) “Chatroulette Begegnungen” (Chat roulette encounters) and “Schlaf mit mir”(Sleep with me)

Installation, Upper foyer, with Katalin Pöge (artist)

Hashtag: #nk1314

Discussion, Twitter, with Meike Hank (journalist)