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Netzkultur @ Freiburg’s Politik im Freien Theater Festival:
Subversive Elements Programme 21 November 2014 ›››

Netzkultur @ ilb:
Tomorrow Is Today Programme 13 August & 14 September 2014 ›››

Part 3: Identity sucks … Programme 22 February 2014 ›››
Part 2: The silent masses Programme 18 January 2014 ›››
Part 1: Technological evolution Programme 30 November 2013 ›››

Netzaffines Publikum, © Nick Nampaul

Netzkultur is an event format by the Berliner Festspiele in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Workshops, discussion, lectures and events are organized at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele to discuss aspects of how the reality of our lives has been changed by the digital era. The series sees itself in its essence as the defender of a net utopia that has become lost in this age of data scandals, issues of net neutrality and censorship. It has become almost impossible to avoid the net and it is therefore all the more important to rise to its challenges, understand how it works and be a part of its design.

The Netzkultur events will present the cultural aspects of the digital political world using themes that everyone is faced with in everyday life: the security of data and data exchange, digital identities, and new types of political opinion-forming and organization. The opening conference in winter 2013/14 has explored the effects, opportunities and challenges of the “digital turn” for the art and cultural scenes. Both via and with the internet, subcultures are formed. It is a tool that artists may either reject or use.
Where should we distance ourselves and where should we get on board? What kind of net culture do we want? The discussion continues.

Nikola Richter
Curator of “Netzkultur”

eReader Netzkultur. Conference

eReader Netzkultur 2013/14With contributions by:
Ward Al-Assi, Mercedes Bunz, Rachel Coldicutt, Christiane Frohmann, Martin Geisler, Granaton, Helena Hauff, Axel Kistner, Sascha Kösch, Thomas Krüger, Daniela La Lutz, Tao Lin, Petra Löffler, Geert Lovink, Tristan Marquardt, Thomas Oberender, Volker Oppmann, Stephan Porombka, Nikola Richter, Ned Rossiter, Anne Roth, Stephan Thiel, Ranga Yogeshwar and Juli Zeh.

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